Cocktail Tops

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Exclusive cocktail tops

Cocktail tops are creations created for less formal events or parties, known abroad as cocktail parties. In practice, they can also be used for many other occasions, both more and less lavish. Cocktail tops will certainly be appreciated by every elegant woman, who loves to stand out from the crowd and attract attention with stunning styles.

Cocktail tops – unique elegance

Cocktail parties and other such events are occasions for which it is appropriate to dress up. At the same time, they are not so serious that you cannot experiment a bit. On the contrary, they are perfect for putting on outfits that are both chic and creative. Such are the LOVIN cocktail tops.

They are stylizations for women, who appreciate uniqueness and are fed up with boring, uninteresting creations, which are abundant on store hangers. They stand out with their unusual, fashionable design, which combines modern trends with retro style accents, which are starting to come back in style. Whether you’re going to a cocktail party, an engagement party or a housewarming, you’ll undoubtedly make a stunning impression with cocktail tops from LOVIN.

Cocktail tops have more than one name

Cocktail tops are a broad term that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. You don’t have to limit yourself to one simple cut. That’s why you will find such accents as buffets and frills in our creations. Once upon a time they were loved by all ladies, and now they are back in fashion again. Also tops stitched with lace are worth mentioning, something very feminine and delicate, which will add a new dimension to any outfit.

For semi-formal parties, both black creations, whether single-colored or with a floral pattern, and more daring proposals will work well. Pink tops for many ladies will be a must-have item, it is also worth getting interested in tops in shades of white.

Cocktail tops – what do they go with?

Cocktail tops are best combined with an elegant skirt. It can be a skirt from our collection, but it doesn’t have to be – the most important thing is that it matches well with the top, both in terms of color and cut. An alternative to skirts, which will come in handy especially on colder days, are plain cigarette pants in the right color. Match this with just chic stilettos and you’re done, your styling is complete.

If need be, you can also use cocktail tops for more sporty outfits, pairing them with jeans for example – such outfit will not necessarily be suitable for a party, but it will be perfect for a shopping trip or a meeting with friends.

LOVIN tops combine the highest quality of manufacturing with timeless and fashionable design. You can be sure that you will be a hit at every party. Beautiful, delicate fabric and retro style inserts will be undoubtedly appreciated by every fashionista. If you are looking for a stylish and chic outfit for a house party, cocktail party or anniversary, you are at the right place!