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Exclusive Jacquard Dresses

Jacquard is an excellent fabric, which is timeless and never goes out of fashion. Jacquard dresses are very original, and at the same time will work well for serious events such as weddings, holidays and baptisms. Unique patterns and interesting texture of this material will work in many situations and it is definitely worth having at least one jacquard dress in your closet.

Jacquard dresses are a proposal for women who like to play with fashion and are not afraid of distinctive prints. Jacquard dresses usually feature floral patterns, which become the focal point of the entire styling. Jacquard dresses from the LOVIN store are an element of clothing, which you can fall in love with. Unusual patterns, fashionable cuts and colors, excellent quality of material – that’s something you can easily find in our store’s offer.

Jacquard dress – a proposal for the evening

Many people associate jacquard dresses with luxury because of the unique patterns and quite thick weave of the material. For this reason it is a fabric, which is ideal for sewing creations for evening outings. Jacquard dress can be worn on special occasions such as weddings, New Year’s Eve balls, proms and banquets. Jacquard as material is so decorative that you do not have to choose an unusual cut. A dress in a classic shape made of jacquard will still look original and very fashionable thanks to its unique pattern.

For a jacquard dress, all you need to do is match classic accessories, such as solid-colored stilettos, a clutch bag, and elegant jewelry. You can quickly create an impressive outfit from just a few items, which every woman has in her closet. If you want to look really elegant, you may opt for a jacquard pencil dress or a tube-shaped midi dress. A dress reaching to mid-calf is an elegant choice for family celebrations or business events.

Jacquard dresses also come in more complicated cuts. Creations with slits on the leg, envelope neckline or asymmetric skirt are reserved for ladies who really like to play with fashion and love to stand out. If you are looking for an original creation in which you will feel special, then a jacquard maxi length dress is just for you.

Jacquard dress for a wedding

Jacquard is quite an outrageous fabric, especially if you opt for bold colors and patterns. However, this does not mean that a jacquard dress cannot be worn to a wedding. There are also jacquard dress models available that are a bit more subdued and will be perfect for this type of celebration. You can choose a dress in a pastel shade that won’t overwhelm your look with too dark a color. Jacquard dresses can also be simple and classic, which is a desirable feature when it comes to wedding attire.

You can look very chic in a jacquard dress – if you are a witness or mother of the bride, a jacquard dress will be perfect for you. You can choose a fitted model with a skirt that goes all the way to the ground, or a very fashionable flared dress with a fitted top, emphasizing the bust and neck, and a wider skirt to hide the hips and thighs. Jacquard is a stiff fabric, so it is worth remembering that a dress that is too tight-fitting may not be comfortable while dancing. It is worth to choose the most comfortable cut.

What to combine the jacquard dress with?

As we have already mentioned, jacquard is a very costly fabric, so it is best to combine it with neutral accessories. It can be gold or silver jewelry, stilettos with leather trim and a clutch bag in a solid color. If you choose a dark dress, you can brighten it up with metallic accessories. On the other hand, if you choose a pastel jacquard dress, you can go for slightly darker accessories. Despite appearances, styling jacquard dresses does not have to be difficult – it is always a good idea to take inspiration from photos, with the most fashionable styles.