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Exclusive lace tops

There is probably no more feminine piece of clothing than lace. Ladies have loved lace outfits for tens or even hundreds of years. No wonder – lace can make a stunning impression and can be used to decorate almost anything. Tops with lace, skirts, dresses, pants… the options are really many. Lace tops are so popular among others because they can be worn for more lavish occasions, but also for everyday outings.

Lace tops – for ladies with different tastes

Beautiful lace is associated with delicacy and femininity. It is worth mentioning that lace tops are also available in black, among other colors. These styles are ideal for women who want to add a little flair to their outfits and are perfect for parties and clubs. There is nothing stopping you from wearing them on a date or out on the town with your friends.

Lace tops can be combined with skirts or shorts, often also decorated with lace. It is a good solution for women who want to stand out from the crowd and focus attention on themselves. Of course, there are also more subdued models that can be worn to the store or for more casual outings.

Lace tops enhance your assets

Lace tops not only look very chic and elegant, but also accentuate your figure and highlight your most important assets. This is why they are so popular with women who want to feel beautiful and feminine.

When it comes to other accessories, an interesting idea is to put a leather jacket or a short coat over the lace top. A beautiful handbag is a perfect complement.

More feisty outfits will go well with elegant stilettos, especially if you want a more casual look, but you can also experiment with boots, sandals or even sneakers, depending on the occasion and the weather. The decision is yours!

Why should you have lace tops in your closet?

Even if you prefer a more classic look every day, at least one or two lace tops should be in your closet. Why? Sometimes it is worth to break away from routine and replace simple top with something more extravagant.

Lace, but also frills, “buffets” or other interesting additions will make you feel feminine, unique and glamorous all day long. Despite appearances they are very universal. They will work on almost every occasion. Nobody will be shocked by their presence, on the contrary – thanks to them you’ll surely become the star of the party!

LOVIN tops give a modern twist to a classic trend. Lace allows you to look fashionable and interesting, as well as feminine. Our products are durable and made of the highest quality materials. You can always be sure that they will be beautiful and comfortable, even after years of frequent use.