Puffed Sleeve Tops

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Exclusive tops with puffed sleeves

Puffed sleeves are the latest fashion trend that combines originality with comfort. Don’t have time to think about what to wear and you’re about to go out on a date or party? Elegant tops with puff sleeves will give you a stylish effect quickly and with minimum effort. Show you’re feisty and add a little extravagance to your closet!

Puffed sleeve tops – retro chic

Many women remember that tops with puffed sleeves were popular in the 80s and 90s. Now they are back in fashion, and their latest version has a much more elegant touch.

Nowadays, bouffant sleeves are a common sight at parties and other festive occasions, and ladies who are interested in fashion do not shy away from them when going out with friends or a partner. The retro style is also suitable for everyday outfits. So called “buffet” sleeves are not associated with any discomfort, so you can freely go in this outfit to the store, cinema or for a walk.

Tops with puffed sleeves – long, short and more

More daring ladies may opt for tops with long, distinctive buffet sleeves. The choice is huge, both in terms of styles and colors. Whether you are interested in white top in retro style or charming, original top in powder pink, you will surely find something for yourself.

A great solution for hot summer days are delicate, airy tops with short sleeves. They will be a nice change from the usual strappy tops dominating in this period. They will not only look stunning, but also allow you to stay comfortable even in very high temperatures.

What body shapes are suitable for tops with puffed sleeves?

Tops with puffed sleeves are very versatile. Despite appearances they look great not only on women with narrow shoulders. Well chosen, properly cut top will look great also on broad shoulders. There are tops with very different types of necklines, so every fan of puffed sleeves should easily find such cut, which will perfectly fit her figure.

But it’s important to choose the right accessories. For a glamorous look, be sure to pair your bouffant sleeve top with elegant shoes. For example, stiletto heels or wedges. For a more casual look, wear flat soles, such as the trendy sneakers.

Tops with puff sleeves are a great choice for any woman who still remembers the crazy fashion of the 80s and 90s and would like to go back to those days. They are a relatively simple accent, but they are eye-catching and guaranteed to be the center of attention at any party.