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Exclusive shirt dresses

Shirt dresses, or so-called schmizzers are a strong trend in the last few seasons. This type of dress, although many people may associate with informal, is perfect for various types of events. Emphasize feminine shapes perfectly – highlight the waist and shapely legs. Shirt dresses can be combined with stilettos and elegant handbags. As such, it will be the perfect outfit for a birthday, christening or a date.

If you like following trends, and you feel more confident and attractive in non-standard outfits, then this shirt dress should find its place in your closet. In our online store LOVIN you will find dresses in different patterns and colors. We have mini, midi and maxi models, as well as different cuts of dresses.

Shirt dress – comfort and elegance in one

Shirt dresses are loved for their versatility and the comfort they offer. They are perfect for a casual version, but also for a more elegant version for bigger outings. Chemise is airy and very feminine, just choose the right cut and pattern. Particularly noteworthy are models tied at the waist and those with buttons. The tie at the waist will emphasize your waist and make your silhouette more proportionate.

If you want to wear a shirt dress to a wedding, you can choose from many maxi models. You just need to complement such a dress with jewelry, clutch bag and elegant shoes. Emysinger dress can look great at the wedding, as well as at any other family event to which you have received an invitation. In such a creation you will feel comfortable, but also very feminine.

Shirt dresses for everyday wear

Shirt dresses are one of those closet items that are worth having on hand. The classic little black tied at the waist with a flared skirt is timeless and can be worn almost anywhere. The classic little black dress with a tie waist and flared skirt is timeless and can be worn anywhere. Dresses with flowers, polka dots, stripes or checks will give you character and make you stand out even in everyday situations.

The casual version of shirt dresses looks great with subtle daytime makeup, comfortable shoes such as sneakers or moccasins, and oversized jackets. This look is very comfortable, yet fresh and feminine. You may go shopping, to a meeting with a friend or even to work if the dress code of the place allows you to do so. Shirt dresses fit perfectly into the current trends and can be worn for any occasion.

Midi shirt dresses

Shirt dresses often come in midi lengths, reaching past the knee. The tapered waist and buttons, which you can use to control the depth of the neckline, emphasize your curves and give you a unique look. If you have only classic dresses in your closet and are looking for something original, bet on shirt dresses from our store – a wide selection of models will make it easy for you to match the perfect size, neckline, cut, color and length of the dressmaker. The material from which our products are made is of the highest quality, so you can be sure that the dress from our store will serve you for a very long time.