Viscose skirts

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Exclusive viscose skirts

It is hard to find a fashion lover who does not have viscose skirts in her closet. Today, tops, dresses and, of course, skirts made of this material are extremely popular. Undoubtedly, viscose skirts are the latest fashion trend that cannot be missed. LOVIN skirts are sure to catch the eye of many viscose fans!

Why are viscose skirts so popular?

Viscose skirts are especially appreciated for their comfort and breathability, as well as their attractive appearance. Viscose is a great material for summer or autumn because it is “breathable”. In creations made of viscose, you do not have to be afraid of high temperatures. You can feel fashionable and comfortable even in hot weather.

Viscose is very distinctive both in appearance and in touch. It looks beautiful from a distance as well as from a closer distance, and it is also very soft. It is impossible to pass by a high-quality viscose skirt indifferently, which is why we could not miss such skirts among our creations.

High-quality viscose, unique design and perfect workmanship – that’s how LOVIN viscose skirts can be described in a nutshell.

Skirts made of viscose – find the right cut for you

A pink skirt with a slightly flared skirt tie at the waist, or a delicate white skirt with a floral pattern? The decision is yours! Among viscose skirts by LOVIN, you’ll also find a beautiful black skirt, perfect for a party or a date.

Match the cut to the occasion and your taste, and you’ll make a phenomenal impression, whether during a meeting with friends, a walk, or a lavish party. Whichever model you decide on, it will highlight your shapely figure and impress with its unique design.

Viscose skirts – the perfect base for any outfit

Our skirts are very versatile, which means they won’t sit in your closet waiting for that one special occasion. Skirts made from this beautiful fabric can be complemented with a variety of different pieces, such as tops, shirts or sweaters. It all depends on the weather, your preferences and the occasion for which you want to wear a particular skirt.

A simple one-coloured top will look great with a trendy viscose skirt for a casual outing. This combination will be appreciated by every fan of sporty style. But what about in situations when you cannot use such an approach? On a more serious occasion, it’s better to bet on a LOVIN top or an elegant shirt, complemented with a jacket (or a cardigan).

For a lavish party, stilettos or boots will go well with such a set. In other situations, there are even more choices: flip-flops, sandals or ballerinas in summer, and heavy boots or cowboy boots in bad weather.

LOVIN skirts are a great choice for every fashionable woman who wants to show the world her shapely legs. The high quality of workmanship and viscose itself guarantees that regardless of the passage of time, the skirt will continue to dazzle, and you with it. Choose the color and cut that best reflects your character and make a furore at every party, meeting, or even while walking!