How to dress for spring and summer in the city?

Flowers, sun, holidays – how to dress for spring and summer in the city? The most fashionable proposals for women’s styling – summer dresses, tops and skirts.

Most of us eagerly await the arrival of warm days. Spring-summer is the time when everything comes to life, and women are more inclined to choose airy, flowery and girlish outfits. The beginning of May is the perfect time to replace warm blouses and long jeans with dresses, tops and skirts with frills. These two items are the basis of the summer wardrobe, which will accompany us for the next couple of months – throughout the summer holidays until September. Let’s not forget that such summer, airy and feminine styles will also be a must for our dream holidays and holidays.

This spring and summer, floral creations of all kinds will once again be a hit. Both large and small floral prints are welcome on all women’s clothing. Flowers can appear on skirts, dresses, jumpsuits and tops – they suit everyone and are desirable in every way. Floral styling and summer dresses in flowy fabrics are one of the must-have items in every fashion lover’s wardrobe this season. What else is worth stocking up on to dress fashionably in the city this coming season? Here are some suggestions!

Spring dresses that will steal your heart

Even though spring has not spoiled us so far and has only offered us a few really warm days, all is not yet lost. As we all know, May is the time to get together with family or friends for a barbecue or a walk around town. For this reason, your wardrobe cannot lack at least one spring dress, which will be perfect for both smaller and larger outings.

Flowers, sunshine and the approaching summer holidays put us in a positive frame of mind and make us more inclined to adopt colourful and cheerful outfits. A spring dress should be colourful, delicate and perfectly fitted to your figure. A well-fitted outfit will emphasise your best assets and make you a real eye-catcher.

A spring dress can have long sleeves so that if there is a chilly gust of wind it will provide you with perfect comfort. Add girlish ruffles and a pattern of delicate roses, peonies, violets or daisies in the most fashionable cut and you have the perfect outfit. This dress will highlight every type of beauty and may become your favourite item of clothing during warmer days in the heart of the city. Remember that it will also be the first thing you pack in your suitcase before leaving on holiday!

Summer dresses perfect for holidays

Summer is the favourite season for most of us and it’s hardly surprising. The sun that bathes our body in pleasure, fragrant flowers, the sea breeze and, of course, holidays – how can we not love it? In the LOVIN shop you will find collections of dresses perfect for spring, but also for hot summer days. This year special attention should be paid to summer dresses in a romantic style with buffets and frills. Beautiful buffet sleeves and girly frills will never go out of style! This white dress is the perfect choice for a hot afternoon in the city. You can wear this dress to work, out for a walk or for casual shopping and you’ll feel comfortable and above all feminine.

Your summer wardrobe should be based on light, airy and breathable materials that feel good on the skin. For this reason, only choose high-quality summer dresses that will last a really long time and feel like a second skin when worn. Summer in the city is obliging and a soft, feminine dress should be matched with the right accessories. Match floral summer dresses or solid-coloured, flouncy dresses with comfortable sneakers or espadrilles. Match with jewellery, your favourite handbag or a small leather backpack to carry your essentials. With a dress like this and a few simple accessories, you can create the perfect summer outfit for the city in just a few moments.

Tops and skirts – which ones to choose this season?

A top and skirt look is perfect for late spring and throughout the holiday season. Tops and skirts are now available in many different designs, colours and cuts, but for 2021 it’s best to go for matching ensembles. A floral top with ruffles and a matching skirt with a comfortable elastic waistband is a must have for every trendsetter and fashion lover. Tops and skirts are not only extremely fashionable, but also very comfortable, which makes them ideal for urban styling. If you get around town a lot and want to be comfortable, a style in soft cotton or viscose that emphasises the bust and waist is a must.

In summer the sun can raise the temperature even to around 30 degrees Celsius. That’s when it’s not worth thinking about long trousers and built-in shirts – it’s a great opportunity to show off your legs and shoulders. A colourful floral top paired with a flared skirt in the same pattern will highlight your best assets and make you look like a fashion icon. Whether you are going for a walk in the old town and lunch with a friend, or have a date at a restaurant in the city centre – the top and skirt will be perfect.

Conclusion – how to dress for summer in the city to look feminine and feel comfortable?

Summer dresses, tops and skirts, short shorts and comfortable sneakers or espadrilles are a staple of your summer wardrobe in the city. With these pieces in your wardrobe, you can create a fashionable, feminine and above all comfortable outfit for work, a walk or lunch at your favourite restaurant. Spring and summer holidays are the best time to enhance your figure with clothes. This season it is worth opting for floral patterns, ruffles and buffets, which have long been seen on the catwalks of the biggest fashion houses.

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