LOVIN’s new fashion blog

Spring is coming, soon everything will be green and fabulously colorful flowers will appear. New ideas are blooming and a lot is happening at our place too. We start our new blog, which we create especially for you! You will find here fresh inspirations, interesting information, fashion tips and surprises, we will also show you our new projects!

Starting from the beginning…

We are a young brand, we launched in April 2019. We are very happy that we have already managed to win the interest and trust of many dear customers! LOVIN is a Polish brand, we sew in Poland with selected, expensive materials (the selection criterion is quality, not price). We want to make things not only beautiful, but also refined in every detail, so that they bring pure joy of ownership!

We want to be close to our clients and take care of their needs. LOVIN create for women who dream of always being beautiful, young and happy. We sincerely hope that we will bring you a smile and our clothes will emphasize your grace, beauty and girlish charm. Our main inspiration is the wonderful nature, rich in colors, hot sun and all the nice sensations that are associated with carefree vacations. We know that joy can be brought by small pleasures. Our lace dresses, charming tops with embroidered flowers, or flowy skirts with ruffles will make you feel light and attractive. No matter where you are.

LOVIN wants to offer you clothes created with care and tenderness to make your dreams of looking beautiful come true. Clothes in which you will run towards sunny days full of joy!

A women’s fashion blog for you!

Fashion is a wonderful adventure. Putting together different colors, patterns, material textures and different pieces of clothing is really fascinating! Each outfit can be a small work of art and a way to express your originality. It will be great if you pay attention to our suggestions too! We have many plans for the entries and we are preparing nice surprises. On our site you will find texts in categories:

  • New products at LOVIN – We will systematically introduce our new, wonderful products here!
  • LOVIN Sessions – You will read here reportage-like backstage entries showing the model, the photographer. Also presenting other elements of styling (e.g. shoes, bags). We will also post short films that will bring you closer to the atmosphere of our sessions.
  • Seasons with LOVIN – Our blog about women’s fashion will always be up to date. We will show you here our fresh fashion proposals for the time from spring to winter.
  • Our ambassadors – here you will find descriptions and instagram photos of our famous clients who have used LOVIN dresses, skirts, tops or pants in their outfits.
  • LOVIN in the media – Here you will find information about articles about our brand which will appear in the media. Including social media
  • Follow… – In this category we will present you interesting fashion instagram accounts that we think are worth your attention.
  • Special offers – It is worth looking here, because we will give you discount codes for many occasions. You can’t miss them!

We really hope you will visit our women’s fashion blog! We will be happy if we can inspire you to have a great time with fashion and share with us your ideas for original styles!