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Jackets, coats and blazers

A coat or a stylish jacket are the elements of clothing, without which you cannot do without in the autumn-winter season. Their main purpose is to keep you warm, but they should also be stylish and match your outfit. Coats and jackets by LOVIN are a combination of high quality and fashionable design.
In our designs, we use only high-quality materials. Both coats, jackets, and blazers are suitable for elegant and casual stylizations.

The Jacket for Everyday Life

Until recently, jackets were associated with elegant outfits. However, women’s fashion is constantly evolving and has long since adopted this once masculine attribute. Nowadays jackets emphasize femininity, are synonymous with a fashionable and independent woman. The jackets by LOVIN are always made of top quality materials, pleasant to touch and to wear. A beautiful jacket with a cut at the waist will emphasize your figure and make you look stunning.

Women’s blazers for cold days

Whether lightweight for the end of autumn or down, jackets and blazers are a must-have in every woman’s closet.  Fashionable patterns and cuts, fantastic materials will make you enter the cold days of autumn and early winter with a smile. You will definitely look and feel great. It will also be a good idea to create a set consisting of a skirt, top, boots and a jacket or blazer from our collection. Just add your favourite handbag, gloves and a hat. This outfit will keep you warm on colder days and look great at the same time.

Wool and cotton coats

A wool or cotton coat is a garment that can be styled in many ways. It will look great with stilettos and a dress, as well as sporty with sneakers and jeans. Depending on the occasion, you can create with its participation more or less formal styling. You do not have to limit yourself, you can play with fashion and combine the classic coat with any accessories.

For everyday use it will look great with track suit from our collection or with fitted jeans and a sweater. If you want to create an elegant look for a date, replace the tracksuit with a fitted skirt, and the sweater with a top with buffets and frills. You only need to add classic stilettos and jewelry, and the unique style is ready.
As you can see, one coat can be styled in hundreds of ways. It is a universal element of clothing, which is worth having always at hand. With its help you can create both classic styling for work, as well as an interesting look for special occasions.

Coats, jackets and blazers by LOVIN – top quality and modern look

In our designs, we combine classic solutions with the hottest trends. This is how we create unique clothes which will appeal to every trendsetter who likes to stand out from the crowd. Enter the autumn-winter season with style and choose a jacket, coat or jacket with the LOVIN label. High quality materials, trendy look and durability of our designs are something you will easily fall in love with.