• LOVIN Sessions

    “Great sewing quality, excellent materials”

    This is probably the most frequently typed and read slogan by you, dear ladies, on any fashion site. Every manufacturer, every brand draws your attention to “top quality materials,” “attention to workmanship,” and “careful finishing.” LOVIN’s clients – women with an established high sense of aesthetics – demand the REALLY highest quality of both the materials from which our designs…

  • Seasons with LOVIN!

    Autumn? It’s a great reason to keep being beautiful!

    Autumn – is the time for a change of closet, a time when the shelves in the closet fill up with summer clothes, but certainly autumn is no reason to give up looking beautiful! Unfortunately – the review of last year’s – then gorgeous – autumn styles somehow doesn’t attract us so much this year. Time for new shopping, time…

  • News from LOVIN

    Lots of new products at LOVIN for the summer!

    Pandemic gives us a little break, beautiful countries open up to tourists, the sun gives us a lot of joy. Hot beaches are waiting and we all dream about longed-for vacations. For this time, on these occasions, we have prepared for you a lot of news! Not all of us were able to go on our dream vacation last year.…

  • Lato z LOVIN, ekskluzywne sukienki na lato, topy i spódniczki
    Seasons with LOVIN!

    A dream summer!

    Dream summer! Vacation time, sunshine, golden sand on the beaches and a beautiful tan! Which of us is not waiting for this time of joy, rest, realization of plans and dreams we have been making since the winter (in a blanket and a warm mug of tea in our hands)? Greek islands, golden beaches of continental Europe or the sound…

  • W czym dziewczyny wyglądają najlepiej? Blog modowy LOVIN
    News from LOVIN

    What does a girl look best in?

    What does a girl look best in? Sets with frills will give you a charming look! Women love beauty in every form, and they adore beautiful clothes too. They allow them to feel fully themselves – delicate, sensual and alluring. Our Molly tops and skirts with frills are extremely graceful and enhance your beauty. Wear them as a set or…

  • Seasons with LOVIN!


    Gdy przyroda budzi się do życia, a słońce coraz przyjemniej grzeje, kobiety mogą pozwolić sobie na ciekawsze niż zimą stylizacje. Przychodzi czas na zabawę modą i wspaniałe pomysły.

  • News from LOVIN

    Herieth women’s pink suit – a set especially for you!

    A suit is an outfit that is suitable for every lady, both for more and less formal occasions, it adds class and elegance, but also a touch of a certain nonchalance. If you want an original look, go for pink! It’s an enduringly popular colour that suits women of all beauty types. We recommend our new three-piece elegant suit in…

  • LOVIN in the media

    How to dress for spring and summer in the city?

    Flowers, sun, holidays – how to dress for spring and summer in the city? The most fashionable proposals for women’s styling – summer dresses, tops and skirts. Most of us eagerly await the arrival of warm days. Spring-summer is the time when everything comes to life, and women are more inclined to choose airy, flowery and girlish outfits. The beginning…

  • News from LOVIN

    LOVIN’s new fashion blog

    Spring is coming, soon everything will be green and fabulously colorful flowers will appear. New ideas are blooming and a lot is happening at our place too. We start our new blog, which we create especially for you! You will find here fresh inspirations, interesting information, fashion tips and surprises, we will also show you our new projects! Starting from…

  • Seasons with LOVIN!

    Spring dresses by LOVIN

    When nature awakens to life and the sun warms up more pleasantly, women can afford more interesting outfits than in winter. It is time for fun with fashion and great ideas. Every year, the world’s designers have new proposals, but among them there is never a shortage of colorful and airy as flowers – women’s dresses. For the spring-summer 2021…