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Exclusive black tops

There is a reason the famous “little black” is considered a symbol of elegance. Black is loved in the world of fashion for its depth, sophistication, and even a touch of mystery. Our offer could not lack tasteful tops in this color. Tops in classic, deep black by LOVIN will find their place in the closet of every fashionista looking for beautiful outfits for special occasions and more.

Black tops – universal, but elegant

There’s a reason why black is considered to be one of the most universal colors and appears in almost all collections. Black tops look great both during important events (weddings, parties, birthdays, dates) and casual outings. The devil is in the details – whether you end up with a sporty or chic look depends on the accessories you choose. Black always adds a certain elegance to any outfit.

Be sure to match black clothing with lighter shades. This combination gives you a lot of attention without being too overwhelming. Luckily, you do not need to think twice when planning your ideal outfit as black goes well with many colors.

You can combine black tops with a skirt if you are going to a party, or with comfortable jeans if you are going to the store. In the former case, you can wear stunning stilettos, while in the latter you can opt for sneakers. Buffed shirt sleeves, a stand-up collar and buttons are beautiful accessories that will make your black top take most of the weight. The rest of the outfit will merely play second fiddle.

Black tops don’t have to be boring

Although black is a very popular color, it doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. LOVIN tops are, above all, original, creative and in line with all the latest trends.

Are you interested in black tops made of one hundred percent viscose, or maybe you want to add to your closet a creation made of a mixture of viscose and silk? Do you like jacquard styling, or do you prefer something simpler? Whichever way you answer these questions, you’ll find something to suit you in our black tops.

We have both all-black tops as well as ones with delicate, elegant floral patterns. Black tops are a great choice for women of all body types. The color black optically slims and looks beautiful, regardless of height or width of shoulders.

Tops in classic black – a great choice for the whole year

Dark outfits can be worn practically all year round, but there is no need for a smart top in the colder months. Black tops go well with elegant coats, or if you’re after a more casual look, a rambone jacket is an interesting option.

LOVIN tops differ, among others, in sleeve length and cut, but all of them have a few points in common. Among them we can mention the highest quality of material and workmanship, as well as high versatility. You can wear them to work, to a party, while walking around the city – our black tops are a stylish choice for almost any occasion.