Midi Dresses

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Beautiful midi dresses

Midi dress is a creation that will suit every woman. Its safe length will work well for work, for a date or for a wedding. Fashionable dresses of moderate length should be in every woman’s closet, because you can use it for less and more formal styling. If you are a fan of the 60s and vintage fashion, then the LOVIN midi dress will definitely appeal to you. This is a very feminine dress, in which you’ll look and feel special. Dresses in this cut give you many styling possibilities, and in LOVIN store you’ll easily find model and cut perfect for you.

Midi dresses for every woman

A big advantage of midi dresses is that they will suit practically every woman. This creation will be a good choice for most types of figures and will work well for various occasions. You can wear it to work, to a business meeting, to a wedding, but also for a walk or dinner at a restaurant. You can adjust the color and pattern of the dress depending on the occasion. An airy, colourful dress will create a less formal outfit, while a plain-coloured one, made of stiff material, will be perfect for elegant meetings. Some LOVIN models make it possible to adjust the length of the skirt, which makes the creation more universal.

Dresses with matching bottom and top emphasize your silhouette and add sex appeal. They will highlight your shapely hips, waistline and bust. On the other hand, dresses with a flared or A-line bottom will cover your thighs, but emphasize your upper body – your shoulder line, waist and bust. A dress that has a midi length will go well with stilettos and pumps. However, you should carefully choose shoes with high tops and long boots, because you can optically shorten your legs.

Pin up style dresses

Pin up style is very feminine and sensual, it is associated with midi dresses, which emphasize the feminine curves. Dresses with plunging necklines, tight tops and voluminous skirts are classics when it comes to the fashion of the 50s and 60s. Ideal for weddings and other family celebrations. They come in many crazy colors and patterns, but the most popular is definitely the pea pattern. Midi dresses in pin up style are an option for ladies who like to stand out and emphasize their shapes.

A midi dress for everyday wear

Fitted or A-line dresses are perfect for everyday wear – shopping, walking with your child or visiting a friend’s house. Comfortable and made of breathable fabrics, they are suitable for almost any occasion. The model with long sleeves you can wear in the colder months – autumn and winter. Thus, the midi dress is a year-round solution for ladies who are not fond of wearing pants. When summer comes, a dress made of warmer material and with long sleeves can be replaced by one with straps or short sleeves. Styles with dresses a little longer than mini always look great.

Trendy midi dresses for big events

Midi dresses you can successfully choose for occasions such as prom, wedding, prom and New Year’s Eve party. The “safe” length of such a dress is a good choice regardless of how old you are and what size you wear. Styling with its participation looks good on most women and can be worn for special occasions.

The advantage of midi dresses is that they are an intermediate option between a mini and maxi dress. If you do not like the too short length of a dress, and you feel uncomfortable in a skirt that is too long, then midi dresses are just for you. It’s worth having at least one such dress in your closet, because it can come in handy when you least expect it.

In the LOVIN store you will find midi dresses for every occasion – choose the perfect size, model, color and cut for you, and enjoy beautiful, yet comfortable stylization.