Open Shoulder Dresses

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Exclusive Open Shoulder Dresses

Dresses with open shoulders are the hit of recent seasons, you can wear them for everyday, but also for larger events. Ideal for a spring walk with the family, as well as for a chic event such as a wedding. Dress showing shapely shoulders is the perfect solution for warmer days, it is airy and ideal for the summer heat. In our online store you will find fashionable and feminine dresses in which you will feel special.

Dress with open shoulders in different cuts

Lately the most popular style of dress exposing shoulders is the so-called Spanish dress. Thanks to it you can expose your cleavage, shoulders and neck in a subtle way. A dress of this type will add you femininity and perfectly combines with both stilettos, as well as with espadrilles and moccasins. It’s a must have for every woman’s closet in the summer season, and its color just needs to be chosen according to your preferences. Both the dress in a subdued color and the one in a bright color will look beautiful.

Dresses with strongly flared bottom are also worth attention. They are perfect for formal occasions such as proms, weddings and birthdays. A dress with open shoulders and a flared skirt emphasizes the bust and waist, while covering the hips. If you care about such shaping of the silhouette, this is the perfect solution for you!

Dresses with open shoulders add femininity to your look

A well-fitting off-the-shoulder dress will make you feel more feminine and give you more confidence. If you like to show off your upper body – your shoulders and décolletage – but also want to hide your stomach and thighs a bit, then shoulder-exposing dresses with ruffles should appeal to you. Particularly noteworthy are dresses made of delicate and airy materials. They are ideal for hot weather and when you want to go a little crazy with your everyday styling.

In the evening version of such a dress you can combine with jewelry and high-heeled shoes. Impressive necklace and earrings will complete your whole outfit and nobody will pass by indifferently. Just choose the dress model that looks best on you from our selection.

Fitted Dresses with Open Shoulders

A fitted mini, midi or maxi dress with open shoulders is the perfect style for a date or an evening out. This dress emphasizes feminine curves and shoulder lines, supports the bust, as well as does not restrict movement, so you can dance the night away in it. If you prefer a more casual look, you may combine the matching dress with an oversized denim or leather jacket, sports shoes, and a small handbag. This look is ideal for a meeting with friends.

Remember that for many people shapely shoulders are synonymous with true femininity. So do not be afraid to show off your assets.

Dresses with open shoulders by LOVIN are distinguished by high quality of fabric and fashionable cuts. You can choose from many products, in various colors and patterns – choose a dress that will make you feel special.