Short Dresses

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Exclusive short dresses

Mini dresses are definitely one of the most recognizable elements of a woman’s closet. They were invented decades ago, but so far are loved by women around the world. Short clothes perfectly emphasize the legs, are comfortable and look extremely feminine. Such a dress will add to your charm not only during the big outing, but also on a daily basis. It is not true that this type of dress is reserved only for slim and young women and only for evening outings. LOVIN dresses come in many colors and styles, so they will suit practically every woman.

Mini dresses for formal occasions

A mini dress is not just a style for a party at the club. Believe it or not, you can wear it to a friend’s wedding or your grandmother’s birthday party, as long as it’s not too revealing. Mini models with a built-up neckline and long sleeves are an elegant proposal for serious events for classy women. It is enough to match it with appropriate shoes, jewelry and a handbag.

If you love dresses with open shoulders and you want to wear such an outfit to the wedding, it is worth thinking about a shoulder cover-up. It can be a fashionable jacket or coat. During the ceremony in the church you will look very elegant. On the other hand, at the wedding reception you can take off the coat and nothing will restrict your movements while dancing.

Dresses for a party

Mini dresses are perfect not only for serious family celebrations, but also for parties with friends. Mini dresses for a house party, a party in the club or New Year’s Eve is the perfect choice. In such a creation you will look very feminine and emphasize your curves. In our LOVIN online store, you will find designs in many different colors, cuts and sizes. They are indispensable during a night party, and combined with the right make-up, jewelry and shoes, they can make you look perfect and nobody will be able to take their eyes off you.

The short dress goes well with rocker accessories like buckle and studded boots, ramones and a denim jacket. However, it will look equally good with more subdued styles in a girly style. Floral models made of airy materials are a must have when it comes to holiday trips. They do not restrict movement, are very comfortable, and at the same time make us look more outgoing.

Short, slim-fit dresses

Dresses with a fitted cut are dedicated to ladies who love to emphasize their curves. Well-fitted size and cut will provide you comfort, as well as a stunning look. You can look very elegant in such a creation, if you bet on the classic, pencil cut of the dress.

Mini with a flared skirt

Short dresses with a flared skirt suit both young and older ladies. They emphasize the waistline, hide the hips and beautifully model the legs. A mini dress with a flared skirt may have different colors – from powdery and subdued to more daring and bright. You can easily dance the night away on the dance floor in such a dress!

All designs from the mini dress store are sewn from the best materials and with attention to the smallest detail. Every woman can find something for herself. You can easily match the size, length, neckline and cut to your preferences and figure.