Short Sleeve Dresses

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Exclusive short sleeve dresses

Dresses with short sleeves are an option for ladies who want to feel elegant and comfortable at the same time. This type of dress is sure to prove itself during many different occasions. It can be a compromise between a very elegant outfit and comfort and unrestricted movement.

Short-sleeved dresses come in many colors, patterns and cuts – they will look great both on a walk and at work, and at a wedding or a christening. In our online store LOVIN you will find short sleeve dresses that will become your favorite piece of clothing.

Short sleeve dresses – the perfect choice for the warmer months

Short sleeves are something that is inextricably associated with spring and summer. When the first rays of sun warm our body, we gladly replace the long sleeve with a short one and enjoy the beautiful weather.

A short-sleeved dress is a versatile style that works for both smaller and larger outings. Depending on the occasion, you can choose from many more or less formal dress models.

A short-sleeved dress made of airy and soft material is perfect for the summer heat. When you want to look feminine, but also care about comfort. You can combine it with sports shoes or sandals to create a casual outfit both for the beach and the city. On the other hand, if you want to look more elegant, pair the dress with high-heeled shoes, an elegant handbag and some jewelry.

Short-sleeved mini, midi and maxi dresses

Short sleeve dresses come in three standard lengths, namely mini, midi and maxi. A short sleeve maxi length dress is a great option for a summer evening. It can reach all the way to the ground and will give your outfit an evening feel. On the other hand, short-sleeved, below-the-knee dresses are an everyday option – for work, school and shopping. If you like to expose your body, especially legs, a dress before the knee is a hit. You can wear it to a party or a meeting with friends.

In the LOVIN store, you will find short-sleeved dresses in many different patterns, colors and sizes. We guarantee that you will feel unique and extremely feminine in our dresses. With us every woman will find the perfect creation for herself. Dresses with short sleeves can reflect your style and completely change your closet. Color, cut and size can be easily matched to your figure.

How to choose dresses according to your figure type?

Depending on your figure you can choose for yourself a dress with short sleeves, which will highlight the assets of your figure. It will cover what you would rather hide. Dresses with short sleeves and a flared skirt will hide your hips, emphasize your waist and slenderize your legs. On the other hand, in a more fitted creation you will emphasize the shape of your silhouette, and short sleeves will highlight the line of your shoulders.

An oversized dress with short sleeves and a boat neckline is perfect for the office. It will make you look elegant, not expose too much body and you will feel comfortable. V-shaped neckline will emphasize your breasts and give you sex appeal.

In our LOVIN store, you will find only top quality products, distinguished by their high quality material and aesthetics of making.