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Exclusive silk tops

If you don’t have a silk top in your closet yet, it’s time to change that. You will certainly not regret your decision. If you already have one, you know for sure why women have been crazy about this material for many years. Silk tops are the pinnacle of elegance and at the same time incredibly comfortable. Charming the company at a party, restaurant or club is almost guaranteed. Do you want to feel beautiful, comfortable and exclusive? LOVIN tops are a must-have in your closet!

Silk tops are a perfect choice for the evening

Silk is a beautiful, delicate and nice to touch material, which lets you know at the first glance that you are dealing with a fashionable, worldly woman. It combines perfectly with viscose, among other fabrics, creating an elegant, tasteful combination. On the one hand, it is very traditional, as it has been worn for decades. On the other, it can have a modern edge thanks to its unusual, original cuts and styles.

It is the perfect choice if you want to impress with your styling. You will undoubtedly stun your partner on a date, and during a formal party you will be the center of attention. Accessories such as buttons, stand-up collars, frills, and bare shoulders give your outfit a flair and make you stand out from the crowd. At the same time, you will feel comfortable and relaxed all the time. Silk tops are very light and designed so that you can wear them for many hours without any pressure or discomfort.

Silk tops are also suitable for more casual styles

Are you looking for a more casual outing, like meeting friends or walking around town? You do not want to overdo it, but on the other hand you want to look fashionable and luxurious? No easier! Pair the stunning silk tops with casual jeans or pants and match it with comfortable boots or sneakers.

You have the choice between mono-coloured and more crazy outfits. A good classic choice are black tops in silk or silk-blend fabrics, but you can also opt for polka dots. Don’t be afraid to experiment with style or pattern. Silk adds elegance to your outfit, so you do not have to worry about making a fashion mistake if you decide to wear something more unusual.

For which women are silk tops suitable?

Silk tops are a very versatile piece of clothing. Not only does it combine well with various types of skirts, pants or short shorts, but it also looks beautiful, no matter what your body type is. This wonderful fabric, depending on the cut and with which other materials it is combined, can optically narrow the silhouette or give it lightness.

The highest quality silk and careful, perfect workmanship with attention to every detail – this is what makes LOVIN silk tops so popular among our clients. It is certainly such an element of clothing which cannot be missing in the closet of any elegant, modern woman. Whether you are interested in evening chic or casual luxury, silk tops will be a hit.