Tops with Frills

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Beautiful tops with frills

Ladies love frills – and for good reason. Tops with frills are a great choice especially for the summer and spring months, but not only. They are characterized by lightness and femininity, and when combined with such accents as buttons or an unusual collar, they can also be very elegant. This is an essential item in the closet of every fashionista, who wants to have an outfit ready for everyday outings, but also for more serious occasions!

Tops with frills are suitable for all tastes

Lace or ruffles are elements of clothing, which have been making a comeback in recent years. It is no different with frills, which are experiencing a true renaissance. Tops with frills are a real hit, which quickly disappear from hangers. There is a great variety of them, so every lady should be able to find such a top, which will hit her taste.

Do you prefer something more subtle, or maybe you want to draw attention to yourself with a unique styling that stands out from the crowd? Do you love powder pink or do you prefer classic black? Whatever your needs, tops with LOVIN’ frills will be a hit.

Tops with frills in different versions

Tops with frills come in different colors, ranging from very neutral to crazy. They vary in sleeve style, collar type, fabric, frill size and more. You can choose from retro cuts to more modern styles – the decision is yours.

Depending on the chosen model, you may count on emphasizing your silhouette or optically narrowing it. Frills are an element of creation, which will suit women of almost every figure type, so it is very universal. Undoubtedly will attract attention at every party or meeting. It’s a real must-have for hot summer days and beyond!

What to wear with frilly tops?

What goes best with a top with frills depends on the effect you want to achieve. If you’re going to the store or out with friends and want to look trendy but not extravagant, you can pair it with simple ballerinas or boots in matching colors, or even sneakers. You will look beautiful, but not flashy, and above all, you will feel comfortable.

Party, date, wedding – these occasions require a slightly different approach. Tops with frills can also be a good choice here, especially if you match them with tasteful pants, elegant jewelry and chic stilettos. Black tops are a classic choice, but there is nothing stopping you from experimenting with other colors. If you are afraid of low temperatures, be sure to wear a delicate sweater, cardigan or a bolero.

Delicate and feminine LOVIN tops with frills will appeal to every lady who appreciates creativity and extravagance. Frills will add lightness to every styling, and emphasize your shapely body. Additionally, they are still in fashion and there is no sign that they will go out of style. Tops with frills are simply timeless, so you must have them in your closet!