White Tops

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Exclusive white tops

White color is commonly associated with elegance, tranquility, tradition. Not without reason it is a common color of wedding dresses. At the same time, it is a very versatile color that blends well with practically all other possible colors. All this means that white tops should find their way into the closet of every fashionista. Surely there will be more than one occasion when they will be invaluable!

Tops in bright colors – the basis of every closet

If you have no idea how to style your outfit and time is running out, white tops can save you from being late or making a fashion mistake. You can match them with so many different pieces of clothing that they work for almost any occasion.

A white top and skirt is a great combination for any party or event, and if you add a blazer to the mix, you’re ready for work. Fitted jeans, preferably dark in color, go well with a white top if you want a sporty look.

Remember not to overdo it though – if you wear white from head to toe, the effect may be too intense. Dark or colored accessories will beautifully complement the white top, creating a stunning look. White is a color that suits not only ladies with a darker complexion.

Beautiful and original white tops

Although white tops are very versatile and classic, you can still easily stand out in them. Our creations are not the usual basic tops you’ll find on a hanger in every store. White LOVIN tops are made for women who want to be fashionable and are not satisfied with mediocrity.

In our styles there is no shortage of such elements as ruffles or buffets. White tops are made of the highest quality materials – viscose or cotton. Both fans of white tops as well as ladies who love delicate, feminine floral patterns will find something for themselves. Something for everyone!

White tops for summer and beyond

Summer is the season when white styles undoubtedly dominate. Their lightness and bright color perfectly fits into the happy, relaxed summer atmosphere. White tops will look great whether you are going for a walk, shopping, attending a party or going on a date.

This does not mean that with the arrival of colder temperatures white outfits have to be put away. On the contrary, during the dark, cold months they can be a good way to “brighten up” the gloomy climate. White tops will be a great reminder of summer approaching every day, even when it’s grey and cloudy outside.

LOVIN tops are a must-have for every fashion-lover. Depending on your preferences, they can be the main element of your styling, or play a secondary role. One thing is certain – you don’t have to worry that they will go out of fashion, because white outfits are classics. They go with everything and everyone, so they will always be in fashion. Make sure you don’t run out of them in your closet. You will surely appreciate them when you have little time to get ready before going out!